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This carpet cleaned was from an elderly lady who had fell and cut her leg. There was a lot of bleeding but the correct cleaning procedure of the carpet and rapid drying ensured the stain never came back. Blood is a stain that can “wick back” if the correct procedure is not used.

A lot of the times the customer can panic and pull out all types of different cleaning products from under the sink, this may work, but generally will cause more problems and potentially set a stain. It is advisable to call the experts as I have seen many cases what may have been a simple stain turn into a big problem from diy efforts.

For this type of problem cold water is used in treatment and rinsing. An enzyme pre treatment is first made up with warm water to activate the enzymes to break down the protein in the blood. Once this solution is cooled it is then sprayed on to the blood, agitated then a dwell time for the solution to do its job. Then the blood is rinsed in cold water with an acidic rinse. As well as the top of the carpet the same procedure is applied to the underside of the carpet where applicable.

the areas effected will be rapidly dried using turbo dryers and heaters so no blood will re appear.


The customer made a full recovery and was another carpet cleaning Hamilton customer.

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